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About Moolman & Pienaar Inc.

Moolman & Pienaar Inc. is a dynamic law firm, specialising in the fields of Insurance Law, land claims and property related legislation.

The professional services in these fields have become well known and appreciated throughout South Africa. This has also caused the firm to grow into one of the most respected law firms in Potchefstroom whilst, at the same time, we have managed to establish a national client base in the various disciplines of our expertise.

We are committed to giving sound legal advice and we strive for service excellence. Our clients’ interests are our first priority and we maintain a philosophy of adding value to our clients’ businesses and business affairs. By displaying an overall, genuine interest in our clients, we succeed in ensuring that our clients are always well advised in every aspect of the law. We endeavour to have our clients experience our accessibility equal to an in-house legal department. Moolman & Pienaar Inc is. built on and certain fundamental values which include trust, integrity, respect, loyalty and professionalism. These fundamental values did not only ensure the firm’s success in recent years, but have also brought client care and service to a pinnacle. The moral values and beliefs that form the foundation of our company are used to measure our conduct, which we believe provide our clients with a pleasant experience in their dealings with us and our team.

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Professional Services

Moolman & Pienaar Inc. provides a wide range of commercial and legal services and comprises four integral disciplines, including:
  • Pre-Litigation Department

    All processes aimed at resolving matter for and on behalf of our client, without having to resort to litigation.

  • Litigation Department

    Formal legal processes that is necessary to achieve a desired legal outcome for and on behalf of a client.

  • Commercial Department

    Pro-active advice and the structuring of commercial transactions with the aim of minimizing risk for clients.

  • Collections Department

    A full component of processes aimed at achieving optimum results in debt collection.

  • Uitsettings (itv ESTA & PIE)

  • Hooggeregshof & Landdroshof

  • Boedelberedderaars, Grondhervorming en Grond verwante litigasie

  • Litigasie

  • Siviele Litigasie

  • Vuurwapenlisensies en verwante aangeleenthede

  • Strafreg

  • Omgewingsreg

  • Plaaslike Owerheidsreg

  • Administratiefreg

  • Familiereg

  • Egskeidings

  • Skuldinvorderings

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Good to know

Hans-Jurie Moolman
Hans-Jurie Moolman Company Director
It is better and less expensive to ask your attorney how to prevent a dispute.

Instead of approaching your attorney to mitigate a dispute when all the goodwill between the parties to the dispute is no longer in existence.